Waiting for a Train 

Waiting for a train is beautiful; may I tell you about the magic of these deep waiting moments? Perhaps waiting is one of the few last opportunities left in our hectic lives for not feeling rushed, for not feeling that (or as if) we have to run somewhere. Right now, your train is late and… Continue reading Waiting for a Train 


Finding Community at a Protest, a Meditation After the March for Science

"Those who can make you believe in absurdities, can make you commit atrocities,” I write in asymmetrical, ugly letters, leaving red and purple stains on my fingers. It’s Earth Day, April 22, 2017, and I am making a sign for today’s March for Science, feeling confident that Voltaire would approve of his words being used… Continue reading Finding Community at a Protest, a Meditation After the March for Science

Dark Night of the Soul, a Lenten Meditation

La noche oscura del alma (Dark Night of the Soul) is the title given to a poem by 16th century Spanish mystic Saint John of the Cross. These striking words seem to have been written to describe the very state of being for many of us today: loss, sadness, grief, despair. It’s been a strange Lenten… Continue reading Dark Night of the Soul, a Lenten Meditation

At the Intersection of Art and Writing

The mobile sculpture strikes you as menacing. You regard it with caution. Bones upon black bones, lifeless and yet alive. A skeleton upon which your imagination hangs skins of guesses, theories and meanings. Is it a dark symbol? A trap? Will the bones collapse if the lightest of breezes moves through the gallery? ... Any… Continue reading At the Intersection of Art and Writing

Just a Talk in San Francisco: Rebecca Solnit

People asked me incredulously: "Did you really fly to San Francisco just to listen to a talk?" Yes, I did. People told me: "But the talk will be available on the radio and the podcast!" Yes, it will. But I wanted to listen to it live.  And I wanted to have an opportunity  to meet… Continue reading Just a Talk in San Francisco: Rebecca Solnit

A Forest Prayer 

In the days of early March, the forest stands naked and dark, as if someone has drawn the trees with a piece of charcoal. I catch myself longing for the days of exuberant, vivid colors, wistfully remembering fall foliage. It seems that every tree is a candle: it used to burn with a brilliant flame… Continue reading A Forest Prayer 

Catching Myself

Sometimes, in the midst of a timeless, eternal experience, I catch myself thinking about things utterly modern and earthy. I might be in the middle of heartbreakingly beautiful service at a Cathedral. I might be in the mountains, feeling the breath of the cold wind in my face, marveling at the overwhelming majesty surrounding me.… Continue reading Catching Myself

Silver Lining

   I looked up at the sky - and froze in astonishment: an enormous cloud of pigeons was flying right over me, playful and free in the chilly October wind. There was an immense grace in their movement. They existed as one wave, strong and beautiful - not as a multitude of birds, each with… Continue reading Silver Lining

A Writing Bus

On a bus from Washington to New York, it occurs to me how wonderful this travel thing is for someone who likes to write. What a gift it is to have this block of uninterrupted, precious time. You are enveloped in a soft protected cocoon of time - you step on a bus or a… Continue reading A Writing Bus

The Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail. The call of freedom and wildness. Rocks, roots, wild flowers at your feet, tree branches over your head, coming together in a making of a forest Cathedral. Walking the Appalachian Trail is similar to going on a pilgrimage. The Trail is calling to you. Come. Walk the Trail. Separate yourself from all… Continue reading The Appalachian Trail

About Time

*** It’s the first day of my vacation in Shenandoah National Park. The day starts early, joyfully lasts and lasts, stretching into delightfully unplanned, wandering, free hours. A hike here, a drive there, a half hour given to photographing clouds, a long talk with my Mom over coffee. I am reminded of Harper Lee writing… Continue reading About Time

Too Busy to Live

   Every day, we hear others (and ourselves) say: "I would love to! But I'm too busy." We are too busy to sit quietly in an evening hour on the waterfront, too busy to take a walk and breath the sweet August air deeply, too busy to see a friend. Too busy. Such a well… Continue reading Too Busy to Live

Would You Like to Come In?

For me, the Bishop's Garden has always been as much a natural part of the Cathedral itself as an arm is a part of a body. I have not thought about the Cathedral building and the Cathedral garden as standalone places; my mind failed to perceive their separateness. One extended into another, it was simply… Continue reading Would You Like to Come In?

Forever Traveling 

    "We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls." ~Anaïs Nin.  Oh, how I love this quote! I'm definitely one of these forever traveling and forever being amazed at my good fortune to be able to discover and experience new lands, new wonders, new people.  It's in traveling that… Continue reading Forever Traveling 

Breaking Open

I'm sitting in the back row of a crowded room in one of the Washington National Cathedral towers. A slender woman wearing black comes to a podium and starts speaking about writing. She does not have a loud voice. She does not speak fast. She does not preach, sound self-righteous or even overly confident. She… Continue reading Breaking Open

Waiting for the Light

Postcards from Acadia Series My husband and I get up at 4:30 AM today, dress in a rush and drive away in a hurry. We get coffee on the way – the tiny General Store in Hulls Cove opens at 5 AM and oh, how grateful we are for that, how tenderly we hold our… Continue reading Waiting for the Light

The Light of Bar Harbor

Postcards from Acadia Series A cool, early September evening finds me in Bar Harbor, Maine. I come to a little park looking out at a pier and position myself on one of the benches thoughtfully provided, no doubt for specific sunset watching purposes. In front of me, there lies Frenchman Bay: glassy still water; little… Continue reading The Light of Bar Harbor

Ten Moments with the Ocean

The ocean is always new, always young, always a mystery. Come stand on the edge of eternity, and on the edge of your own soul. Look at the ocean and let it look at you. When you are in the dark, lonely or broken, go to the ocean. It will heal you and comfort you,… Continue reading Ten Moments with the Ocean

In the Garden

  Have you been to the Bishop’s Garden in the early spring? I went there in the beginning of Lent. I have been wrestling with a hard question for a while, asking God over and over, what His calling for me was – but it seemed that He had no answer for me. And so… Continue reading In the Garden

What Are You Busy About?

Henry David Thoreau wrote: “It’s not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are you busy about?” How would you answer this question? Great many of us focus so much on how to accomplish our goals (usually by striving to maximize productivity and to master time management), that we forget… Continue reading What Are You Busy About?

When Thinking is Not Enough

Voltaire wrote: "No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking." Not everyone will agree with this elegantly stated assertion. For great many, Voltaire steely optimism and confidence in the power of human thinking is a great shiny tool to bring with you to a new week. But some would argue that many issues cannot… Continue reading When Thinking is Not Enough

A Winter Morning

Once in a while, an image grabs me and I obediently take a picture, following my curiosity without fully understanding what it was that spoke to me in a scene. So it was with this image. It’s just an office building downtown DC and a naked winter tree in front of it. What's so special… Continue reading A Winter Morning

What Do You Not Lack?

An essayist Pico Iyer once said that "Affluence is not a matter of what you have but what you don't lack.”  On the surface, he is just stating the obvious.  And yet, there is a difference between saying “I have a home” and saying “I am not homeless”. Perhaps re-focusing on “not lacking” as opposed… Continue reading What Do You Not Lack?

Sixty Miles to Quiet

A sense of deep peace envelopes your entire being as you come into the green fields surrounding a small cluster of buildings at the heart of the Holy Cross Abbey in Berryville, Virginia, 60 miles away from Washington DC. Once you park and leave your car behind, a startling realization dawns on you: it is… Continue reading Sixty Miles to Quiet

The Obstacle is the Path

Good morning my friends and may your Friday be joyful. Today, I would like to share with you a strange, mysterious proverb: "The obstacle is the path." At a glance, this proverb makes little sense. An obstacle is an obstacle. How does it become a path? There seem to be many ways to interpret this… Continue reading The Obstacle is the Path