Waiting for a TrainĀ 

Waiting for a train is beautiful; may I tell you about the magic of these deep waiting moments?  Perhaps waiting is one of the few last opportunities left in our hectic lives for not feeling rushed, for not feeling that (or as if) we have to run somewhere.  Right now, your train is late and… Continue reading Waiting for a TrainĀ 

Catching Myself

Sometimes, in the midst of a timeless, eternal experience, I catch myself thinking about things utterly modern and earthy. I might be in the middle of heartbreakingly beautiful service at a Cathedral. I might be in the mountains, feeling the breath of the cold wind in my face, marveling at the overwhelming majesty surrounding me.… Continue reading Catching Myself

Friday Wish

   Happy Friday everyone. Have you noticed that the sun is shining? That it's tender summer?That life is full of moments of unexpected delight and that the universe is inhabited with subjects deep and fascinating, just waiting for us to discover them? That there is profound joy in a smile of a stranger and in… Continue reading Friday Wish

Paying Attention

   I might have looked at this bridge a thousand times before. And yet, there always are ways to see new beauty in it - and in all things.  My job is simply to be on the lookout for new perspectives, new ways to see, new reasons to experience wonder. All I have to do… Continue reading Paying Attention