Ten Moments with the Ocean

ocean 1

  1. The ocean is always new, always young, always a mystery. Come stand on the edge of eternity, and on the edge of your own soul. Look at the ocean and let it look at you.
  2. When you are in the dark, lonely or broken, go to the ocean. It will heal you and comfort you, and it will make you whole. It will feed your senses with beauty so absolute and overpowering that your heart will have no room to feel anything other than awe and gratitude.
  3. Feel the joy of life the way little children and big dogs do on a bright, cloudless day on the beach. Without questioning the source of warmth and joy, they simply reach to the sun, to the ocean, and to you.
  4. Poetry and photography are two ways to let others see something only you saw. As you wander along the ocean’s edge at the end of the day, you will have moments of wonder too breathtaking to let them disappear into the night. You will want to grasp them, keep them, and share them. And so you will pick up your camera. Or maybe your pen.
  5. Have you ever tried to catch and count the many moods of the ocean? It is tender and tranquil in the young hours of morning when the little waves caress the sand. It is powerful and cool in the afternoon, when it brings you relief from the scorching heat. It is angry and magnificent in its rage under grey and black evening clouds. For every mood you have ever had, the ocean has a thousand more.
  6. You have many questions for the ocean. Is the sky a reflection of the ocean, or is it the other way round? Is the ocean angry in a storm, and with whom? Is the ocean’s immense beauty felt more deeply in solitude or when you are with someone you love? … So far, the ocean has been silent. But it might still answer, as long as you keep bringing your questions.
  7. The ocean is a symbol of both eternity and the ultimate impermanence and fragility of being. At night, humankind leaves little footsteps of civilization on the sand – only for the morning waves to erase every trace of them. The ocean was here ages before you, it saw you grow up and old, it will see you disappear – and it will still be.
  8. You can go away from the ocean, but you can never be free from it. It doesn’t let you out of its magic; it follows you home. Your dreams are full of its voices, the roar of its wrath and the power of its laughter. There are waves splashing and going over the edge of your mind. Your skin smells like the sand and the sun. Your heart has been transformed and this new one is full of ocean. You can go away from the ocean, but you will always be pulled back.
  9. You are reflected in the ocean, and it is reflected in you. When you turn away and slowly go, shoulders dropped at the thought of going to the city – you carry away a a salty drop of sparkling ocean in your heart.
  10. What is your moment with the ocean? Close your eyes, imagine its salty breath on your skin, hear its voice and tell the world about your ocean.







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