Waiting for the Light

Postcards from Acadia Series My husband and I get up at 4:30 AM today, dress in a rush and drive away in a hurry. We get coffee on the way – the tiny General Store in Hulls Cove opens at 5 AM and oh, how grateful we are for that, how tenderly we hold our… Continue reading Waiting for the Light


The Light of Bar Harbor

Postcards from Acadia Series A cool, early September evening finds me in Bar Harbor, Maine. I come to a little park looking out at a pier and position myself on one of the benches thoughtfully provided, no doubt for specific sunset watching purposes. In front of me, there lies Frenchman Bay: glassy still water; little… Continue reading The Light of Bar Harbor

Sea Beagle

Postcards from Acadia Series Janni the beagle is as tame, un-wild a dog as they come. His belly is round, his coat is shiny, and he is unmoved when rabbits and chipmunks play three feet in front of him. Recently, when he jumped out of the car, he was greeted by a skinny, lively squirrel… Continue reading Sea Beagle

The Lighthouse is Real

Postcards from Acadia Series On a day chilly and clear, we drove to Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. We walked the trail, scrambled over enormous pink rocks, saw black angry waves beneath. And then – there it was, the lighthouse. I choked when I caught the first glimpse of it and stood motionless for a while… Continue reading The Lighthouse is Real