What Do You Not Lack?

An essayist Pico Iyer once said that "Affluence is not a matter of what you have but what you don't lack.”  On the surface, he is just stating the obvious.  And yet, there is a difference between saying “I have a home” and saying “I am not homeless”. Perhaps re-focusing on “not lacking” as opposed… Continue reading What Do You Not Lack?


At the Intersection of Art and Writing

The mobile sculpture strikes you as menacing. You regard it with caution. Bones upon black bones, lifeless and yet alive. A skeleton upon which your imagination hangs skins of guesses, theories and meanings. Is it a dark symbol? A trap? Will the bones collapse if the lightest of breezes moves through the gallery? ... Any… Continue reading At the Intersection of Art and Writing

3 Thanksgiving Thoughts

1. Wishing you a joyful Thanksgiving, my friends. May your hearts be filled with gratitude for the countless gifts of beauty that life so generously throws at us.  2. Have you noticed? It's fall! Open the door into the morning today and you will be greeted with all the unmistakable signs of her presence... The… Continue reading 3 Thanksgiving Thoughts

November Transfiguration

Something intangible shifts in the world around me on this bright November afternoon. Suddenly, I realize that the wind carries the leaves along the pavement with a strange, purposeful intensity, and they rustle as they brush against dry concrete.  It's as if someone invisible, far away, sighs deeply and steers the leaves with his breath. … Continue reading November Transfiguration


Good morning my friends! It's been too long since I posted a picture of something soul-feeding and lovely, something to make you smile, pay attention and reflect on. I saw this tiny treasure on a short morning walk: he is blooming all alone, with all his neighbors long done with a joyful job of blooming.… Continue reading Blooming 

Coffee and Creativity

Have you noticed that sometimes it seems immensely important to find just the right place to write, to reflect, to think? To an uninitiated observer, it might look like you are on a quest for a cup of good coffee, but in reality, you are seeking something infinitely greater: a corner of the world where… Continue reading Coffee and Creativity

These Words

I don't know Where they come from, These words.   The heaviness and lightness In my heart When suddenly I'm putting pen to paper, When suddenly I see: My fingertips start dancing On the cold and foreign buttons. The fear and the power in me. I am shivering And I am touching fire. I'm nothing… Continue reading These Words