Waiting for a Train 

Waiting for a train is beautiful; may I tell you about the magic of these deep waiting moments? Perhaps waiting is one of the few last opportunities left in our hectic lives for not feeling rushed, for not feeling that (or as if) we have to run somewhere. Right now, your train is late and… Continue reading Waiting for a Train 


A Puppy

   In a car in front of me, a big puppy. His head hanging out of a window. Infinitely joyful. He delights in the wind, in the ever changing smells bathing his nose, in sights moving fast past him.  What about us, humans? Can't we also hang out of the window, excited about everything we… Continue reading A Puppy

Paying Attention

   I might have looked at this bridge a thousand times before. And yet, there always are ways to see new beauty in it - and in all things.  My job is simply to be on the lookout for new perspectives, new ways to see, new reasons to experience wonder. All I have to do… Continue reading Paying Attention


   What was the last time you were on a swing? What was the last time you have experienced the playfulness and innocence of flying high in the air, laughing and wondering why it took you so long to come back to this delight of your childhood?  Sometimes a few minutes on a swing is… Continue reading Swing