About Time

*** It’s the first day of my vacation in Shenandoah National Park. The day starts early, joyfully lasts and lasts, stretching into delightfully unplanned, wandering, free hours. A hike here, a drive there, a half hour given to photographing clouds, a long talk with my Mom over coffee. I am reminded of Harper Lee writing… Continue reading About Time


Too Busy to Live

   Every day, we hear others (and ourselves) say: "I would love to! But I'm too busy." We are too busy to sit quietly in an evening hour on the waterfront, too busy to take a walk and breath the sweet August air deeply, too busy to see a friend. Too busy. Such a well… Continue reading Too Busy to Live


You don't find your purpose in life. You create it, you build it, you craft it.

The Light of Bar Harbor

Postcards from Acadia Series A cool, early September evening finds me in Bar Harbor, Maine. I come to a little park looking out at a pier and position myself on one of the benches thoughtfully provided, no doubt for specific sunset watching purposes. In front of me, there lies Frenchman Bay: glassy still water; little… Continue reading The Light of Bar Harbor

In the Garden

  Have you been to the Bishop’s Garden in the early spring? I went there in the beginning of Lent. I have been wrestling with a hard question for a while, asking God over and over, what His calling for me was – but it seemed that He had no answer for me. And so… Continue reading In the Garden

The Butterfly

The butterfly looked dead. It was 10 in the evening and I just got off the train. Long, exhausting, meaningless day in the office, long ride on a crowded train, long drive ahead of me - and now I barely had the energy to walk, let alone to look around. But then by chance I… Continue reading The Butterfly