Waiting for a Train 

Waiting for a train is beautiful; may I tell you about the magic of these deep waiting moments?  Perhaps waiting is one of the few last opportunities left in our hectic lives for not feeling rushed, for not feeling that (or as if) we have to run somewhere.  Right now, your train is late and… Continue reading Waiting for a Train 

Finding Community at a Protest, a Meditation After the March for Science

"Those who can make you believe in absurdities, can make you commit atrocities,” I write in asymmetrical, ugly letters, leaving red and purple stains on my fingers. It’s Earth Day, April 22, 2017, and I am making a sign for today’s March for Science, feeling confident that Voltaire would approve of his words being used… Continue reading Finding Community at a Protest, a Meditation After the March for Science

Little Joys

May you have a joyful Sunday, my friends. Wishing you a day full of meaning and little joys.  A little joy can be as simple as noticing a tiny white flower raising its head in your April garden.  It can be seeing a clumsy puppy running around his human, bursting with energy and joy of… Continue reading Little Joys

Dark Night of the Soul, a Lenten Meditation

La noche oscura del alma (Dark Night of the Soul) is the title given to a poem by 16th century Spanish mystic Saint John of the Cross. These striking words seem to have been written to describe the very state of being for many of us today: loss, sadness, grief, despair. It’s been a strange Lenten… Continue reading Dark Night of the Soul, a Lenten Meditation

Wild Waiting 

Good morning everyone! May you have a week wild with joy. Hopefully you get to spend at least a little time in wild places: not just metaphorically, in your heart, but also in a very tangible sense of the word. Wishing you waterfalls, tree brunches over your head, mud on your shoes, harbingers of all… Continue reading Wild Waiting 

Speaking of Love

Ah, Valentine's Day. The notion of romantic love seems to be usurping the lion's share of attention and energy in our society at all times and especially, and not altogether surprisingly, on Valentine's Day. And yet, love comes in many colors and kinds. There is love for beauty, in arts and in nature; love of… Continue reading Speaking of Love

At the Intersection of Art and Writing

The mobile sculpture strikes you as menacing. You regard it with caution. Bones upon black bones, lifeless and yet alive. A skeleton upon which your imagination hangs skins of guesses, theories and meanings. Is it a dark symbol? A trap? Will the bones collapse if the lightest of breezes moves through the gallery? ... Any… Continue reading At the Intersection of Art and Writing