Little Joys

May you have a joyful Sunday, my friends. Wishing you a day full of meaning and little joys.  A little joy can be as simple as noticing a tiny white flower raising its head in your April garden.  It can be seeing a clumsy puppy running around his human, bursting with energy and joy of… Continue reading Little Joys


A Puppy

   In a car in front of me, a big puppy. His head hanging out of a window. Infinitely joyful. He delights in the wind, in the ever changing smells bathing his nose, in sights moving fast past him.  What about us, humans? Can't we also hang out of the window, excited about everything we… Continue reading A Puppy

Silver Lining

   I looked up at the sky - and froze in astonishment: an enormous cloud of pigeons was flying right over me, playful and free in the chilly October wind. There was an immense grace in their movement. They existed as one wave, strong and beautiful - not as a multitude of birds, each with… Continue reading Silver Lining

Paying Attention

   I might have looked at this bridge a thousand times before. And yet, there always are ways to see new beauty in it - and in all things.  My job is simply to be on the lookout for new perspectives, new ways to see, new reasons to experience wonder. All I have to do… Continue reading Paying Attention