Would You Like to Come In?

For me, the Bishop’s Garden has always been as much a natural part of the Cathedral itself as an arm is a part of a body. I have not thought about the Cathedral building and the Cathedral garden as standalone places; my mind failed to perceive their separateness. One extended into another, it was simply the most natural direction in which the universe flowed.

Space itself opened up, unraveled like a flower – and the outside-ness turned out to be just as integral a petal as the heaviest stone in the Cathedral foundation.

The mystery at the heart of the Cathedral gently leads me away from its walls and into its garden; away from the people and toward robins and lilies. It guides me just enough so that I come through the rounded stone gates – and leaves me suddenly.

The thinness of this place, the palpable joy of it are disorienting. This is a place that’s good for the soul.

Would you like to come in?

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