One Moment with the Snow

    Snow came. It is coming down gently, slowly, as if pondering how to beautify the earth in the most joyful way. And indeed, my heart leaps for joy, leaps towards snow, towards every tiny leaf and blade of grass sparkling under a few carefully placed snowflakes. My dog seems unpleasantly surprised by cold wetness… Continue reading One Moment with the Snow


Tiny White Church on the Beach

      Tiny white church  On the beach. People walk in  Barefoot, And laughing, And shirtless. And that's ok Because I think God would prefer  That you came to him With a grateful  And joyful heart Rather Than wearing shoes, Or even a nice white shirt.

A Puppy

   In a car in front of me, a big puppy. His head hanging out of a window. Infinitely joyful. He delights in the wind, in the ever changing smells bathing his nose, in sights moving fast past him.  What about us, humans? Can't we also hang out of the window, excited about everything we… Continue reading A Puppy

Forever Traveling 

    "We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls." ~Anaïs Nin.  Oh, how I love this quote! I'm definitely one of these forever traveling and forever being amazed at my good fortune to be able to discover and experience new lands, new wonders, new people.  It's in traveling that… Continue reading Forever Traveling 

A New Monday

It’s an early Monday morning. I am sitting by an old fountain, and the water is singing its ancient, eternal song to me.  What will I do with a treasure of a new day God dropped into the palm of my hand? What will I create? Whom will I help? Whom will I bring a… Continue reading A New Monday