The Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail. The call of freedom and wildness. Rocks, roots, wild flowers at your feet, tree branches over your head, coming together in a making of a forest Cathedral. Walking the Appalachian Trail is similar to going on a pilgrimage.

The Trail is calling to you. Come. Walk the Trail. Separate yourself from all the things that tie you to your current reality. Leave behind things both tangible and ephemeral that seem to be so profoundly important today. Leave behind the work and the relationships that preclude you from being true to yourself. All these things will wait for you or will come with you if they are real and true; isn’t it time to discover if they are true? Leave behind your preconceived notions, your assumptions, your anxieties, your like-everybody-else-ness – and see the world open up to you.

… I haven’t answered the call yet. Over the years, I only walked bits and shreds of the Appalachian Trail, but every time it awoke something in me. Every time, I came back to the city joyful and new, with my heart fed with wildness. Every time I wanted to return to the forest Cathedral a little more. Every time, the pull of the Trail seems stronger, more insistent and more urgent.

Will it wait for me? Will I wait for it? I might not know the answer, but I know what I want the answer to be.

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