Dark Night of the Soul, a Lenten Meditation

La noche oscura del alma (Dark Night of the Soul) is the title given to a poem by 16th century Spanish mystic Saint John of the Cross. These striking words seem to have been written to describe the very state of being for many of us today: loss, sadness, grief, despair. It’s been a strange Lenten… Continue reading Dark Night of the Soul, a Lenten Meditation


A Window into Spring

   The intersection and interplay between inside and outside spaces have always fascinated me. In my little church, spring greenery can now be seen through a tall and narrow window, the outside looking in or perhaps the inside peaking into the big world. As the trees wake up from the slumber of this long, cold… Continue reading A Window into Spring

A Forest Prayer 

In the days of early March, the forest stands naked and dark, as if someone has drawn the trees with a piece of charcoal. I catch myself longing for the days of exuberant, vivid colors, wistfully remembering fall foliage. It seems that every tree is a candle: it used to burn with a brilliant flame… Continue reading A Forest Prayer 

Tiny White Church on the Beach

      Tiny white church  On the beach. People walk in  Barefoot, And laughing, And shirtless. And that's ok Because I think God would prefer  That you came to him With a grateful  And joyful heart Rather Than wearing shoes, Or even a nice white shirt.

Catching Myself

Sometimes, in the midst of a timeless, eternal experience, I catch myself thinking about things utterly modern and earthy. I might be in the middle of heartbreakingly beautiful service at a Cathedral. I might be in the mountains, feeling the breath of the cold wind in my face, marveling at the overwhelming majesty surrounding me.… Continue reading Catching Myself

A New Monday

It’s an early Monday morning. I am sitting by an old fountain, and the water is singing its ancient, eternal song to me.  What will I do with a treasure of a new day God dropped into the palm of my hand? What will I create? Whom will I help? Whom will I bring a… Continue reading A New Monday

Ask and It Will Be Given To You

"You need to figure out what it is that’s keeping you from worshiping in a church” - said my husband to be. For as long as I remembered, I would pray by myself - but I would not go to a church. I didn’t quite know why. Once he said that, I started looking for… Continue reading Ask and It Will Be Given To You