Too Busy to Live


Every day, we hear others (and ourselves) say: “I would love to! But I’m too busy.” We are too busy to sit quietly in an evening hour on the waterfront, too busy to take a walk and breath the sweet August air deeply, too busy to see a friend. Too busy. Such a well of meaning in these two words, in this universal code. 

What are we conveying when “too busy” escapes from our lips? Sometimes it is simply a courteous gesture, a civilized way to avoid saying “I don’t want to.” 

However, infinitely more often it means that we do not consider something as important as other things in our life, as other alternatives competing for our time, attention and energy. What we tend to forget is that our important-ness ranking revealed by our choices exposes our values system – even when we would strongly prefer to not make it known by the universe (or, more tragically, even by ourselves). Perhaps we can keep this truth in mind next time we are tempted to tell the world that taking a walk or seeing a friend is not important enough to us. 

Perhaps it is not too late to make a different choice and speak – through our choices – that there is nothing more important in our lives than reveling in the fleeting beauty of summer evening sky or of friend’s eye lighting up with joy upon seeing us after a long absence. 


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