A Forest Prayer 

In the days of early March, the forest stands naked and dark, as if someone has drawn the trees with a piece of charcoal. I catch myself longing for the days of exuberant, vivid colors, wistfully remembering fall foliage. It seems that every tree is a candle: it used to burn with a brilliant flame… Continue reading A Forest Prayer 


In the Garden

  Have you been to the Bishop’s Garden in the early spring? I went there in the beginning of Lent. I have been wrestling with a hard question for a while, asking God over and over, what His calling for me was – but it seemed that He had no answer for me. And so… Continue reading In the Garden

Ask and It Will Be Given To You

"You need to figure out what it is that’s keeping you from worshiping in a church” - said my husband to be. For as long as I remembered, I would pray by myself - but I would not go to a church. I didn’t quite know why. Once he said that, I started looking for… Continue reading Ask and It Will Be Given To You