Forever Traveling 


 “We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.” ~Anaïs Nin. 

Oh, how I love this quote! I’m definitely one of these forever traveling and forever being amazed at my good fortune to be able to discover and experience new lands, new wonders, new people. 

It’s in traveling that one learns about the deep interconnected-ness of us all and about oneself. Travel in the physical realm is sometimes a metaphor for our seeking and traveling in the matters of mind and spirit; travel overlaps beautifully with soul searching…Travel opens you, makes your senses keener, makes you experience life at a deeper level. 

Travel allows you to grow, to wonder, to experience your own smallness and at the same time, your own strength. It teaches you to be vulnerable without withdrawing into your own shell and to be courageous; it teaches you generosity of soul. It connects you powerfully with people and their compassion and kindness – and it makes you humble and overwhelmed with joy… Oh, and it makes you forever grateful. 


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