In the Garden

An Open Door


Have you been to the Bishop’s Garden in the early spring? I went there in the beginning of Lent. I have been wrestling with a hard question for a while, asking God over and over, what His calling for me was – but it seemed that He had no answer for me.

And so one evening, warm and full of light after many days of snow and darkness, I went to the Bishop’s Garden. I sat on a tiny bench overlooking the gardens, trying hard to uncover the meaning and the calling.

The wind on my face, the sunlight, the warm and tender evening all came together to create a little fairy tale. The gardens were slowly waking up from a long, harsh winter and the memories of snow storms were melting away under the gentle breath of the early spring wind. The sunset was breathtaking and the whole sky was painted the colors of wonder and stained glass. Everything in the garden was a miracle, big and small, everything was God’s gift given to us so simply and mercifully – perhaps for something kind and beautiful we were yet to do in our lives.

And then all of a sudden, as if this warm, beautiful, crystal evening was not enough – the bells of the Cathedral started ringing. Their deep and powerful music filled my entire being with bright joy and I felt tears coming and an enormous and profound gratitude. There I was, trying so hard to understand, to hear the calling, when all along I was surrounded by the tremendous, overwhelming beauty of the gardens, the sky, the light, and now the music. God is in all these things, every minute of our existence. Maybe His call is simply to love this day He’s made, simply to love the world He created – and to be there when the bells ring.


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