Wild Waiting 

Good morning everyone! May you have a week wild with joy. Hopefully you get to spend at least a little time in wild places: not just metaphorically, in your heart, but also in a very tangible sense of the word. Wishing you waterfalls, tree brunches over your head, mud on your shoes, harbingers of all… Continue reading Wild Waiting 


November Transfiguration

Something intangible shifts in the world around me on this bright November afternoon. Suddenly, I realize that the wind carries the leaves along the pavement with a strange, purposeful intensity, and they rustle as they brush against dry concrete.  It's as if someone invisible, far away, sighs deeply and steers the leaves with his breath. … Continue reading November Transfiguration

One Moment with the Snow

    Snow came. It is coming down gently, slowly, as if pondering how to beautify the earth in the most joyful way. And indeed, my heart leaps for joy, leaps towards snow, towards every tiny leaf and blade of grass sparkling under a few carefully placed snowflakes. My dog seems unpleasantly surprised by cold wetness… Continue reading One Moment with the Snow

Silver Lining

   I looked up at the sky - and froze in astonishment: an enormous cloud of pigeons was flying right over me, playful and free in the chilly October wind. There was an immense grace in their movement. They existed as one wave, strong and beautiful - not as a multitude of birds, each with… Continue reading Silver Lining

Sudden October

     Suddenly, it's fall. The world seems to have leaped from August and straight into October. How did it happen? Did I not smile into bright sun just last week? Did I not sit outside at a little cafe, laughing and drinking iced coffee, cherishing every bit of that salt caramel ice cream? Didn't breeze… Continue reading Sudden October

A Sunny Heart

It's a rainy morning, but let's have a sunny day and a sunny heart.  If we slow down and become mindful of all the wonderful gifts of this Friday, both enormous (like having faith, loving someone, simply living another majestic day) and small (like these raindrops adorning every tiny leaf and flower) - it's impossible… Continue reading A Sunny Heart


We sailed to Key West National Wildlife Refuge on a lovely day. The sun was playing on the deep green water, and a heavy sail was floating effortlessly in the air. In a couple of bright, short hours, we came to the destined spot of our snorkeling adventure. The crew quickly distributed snorkeling masks and… Continue reading Fear