Speaking of Love

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The notion of romantic love seems to be usurping the lion’s share of attention and energy in our society at all times and especially, and not altogether surprisingly, on Valentine’s Day. And yet, love comes in many colors and kinds. There is love for beauty, in arts and in nature; love of a deep human connection manifested in friendship and in joyful, messy ties of a family; love for mother earth; love for your calling; love of the artist for his emerging creation, still shapeless, still in the process of being born; love for and of God; and the loving kindness that probably encompasses all of these loves. 

There are so many different ways to see and experience beauty and love, and different prisms through which to see them. 

Today I’m writing as I sit at a table adorned with a dozen roses of deep, velvety red that my beloved husband surprised me with. My heart and mind overflow with a profound, overwhelming gratitude for having him in my life, for our love, for our connection, and for the kind of man he is. I gently touch a red petal and I’m reminded how years ago, on one of our first dates, he brought me a long stem rose. I was single for years before I started dating him, and on that early date, my heart was filled with uncertainty and even anxiety; I was afraid to believe. 

That rose gave me a gift of surprising courage; it knocked me out of the walled off garden of fear and led me to the wild fields of hopefulness and joy. 

And that one rose was just as majestic as the dozen roses today.

If like me, you have a blessing of someone special in your life, may you celebrate your love for them and with them. If you haven’t met them yet, celebrate your strength and hopefulness, celebrate your belief. 

And may every single one of us celebrate all the colors of love, all kind and beautiful people, ideas, spaces and times we have in our lives. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Hello, my name is Maria Fafard and I am delighted to meet you! I read old books, travel to thin places, think about meaning of life and write about all of these things. I care about people, ideas, and books, believe in power of liberal arts, try to nurture creativity in others and myself, and strive to live a meaningful life. I believe that travel in the physical world is often a symbol for seeking in the realm of mind and spirit, and that wherever we are, countless gifts of joy and wonder are offered to us every day – but we have to be present enough to look up and accept them.

If you have enjoyed reading my blog posts, you can follow me here on WordPress, on Medium, and on Twitter (@mariafafard). Thank you and I am looking forward to talking with you on your favorite platform!


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