3 Thanksgiving Thoughts

1. Wishing you a joyful Thanksgiving, my friends. May your hearts be filled with gratitude for the countless gifts of beauty that life so generously throws at us. 

2. Have you noticed? It’s fall! Open the door into the morning today and you will be greeted with all the unmistakable signs of her presence… The colors of our world changed, and we little humans stand around astonished by the intensity of yellow, gold, and fiery red basking in the morning light. Fall is like music. Fall is like a dream. Fall is a surprise, year after year. 

And that’s my wish for you on this Thanksgiving day: may you be surprised today, may you look up and see the fall, and may you be astounded by her soul-feeding majesty of colors, no matter how many times you have greeted her before, 20 or 80.

3. For my many friends who are grieving the outcome of the election. Take heart. Be strong. Be grateful this Thanksgiving, even amidst our loss, even as it feels there might not be much to be grateful for in this dark hour. 

My friends, we shall overcome. 

Read and listen to the sermons of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“We shall overcome. We shall overcome. Deep in my heart I do believe we shall overcome. And I believe it because somehow the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

Listen to “We Shall Overcome” sung by Pete Seeger

Roll up your sleeves and channel your grief, shock and sadness into action. 

Yes, the task ahead of us is immense. Yes, we are not sure where to start. For simple suggestions on how to do just that, read “Start Close In“, a terrific essay by Parker Palmer, founder of “Center for Courage and Renewal”, author, and “On Being” columnist. Says Parker: 

“We need to get over it so we can get on with it — the never-ending work of embodying and enacting love, truth, and justice. There is real suffering out there among people who can’t get over it, and we need to stand and act with them…. I’ve been spending time on Google, searching phrases like “immigrant services,” “bullying prevention,” “minority mentoring programs,” “Hispanic centers,” “Muslim or Islamic centers,” “Black Lives Matter,” “LGBTQ allies and support,” “reproductive rights,” and “men against violence to women” — all preceded by the name of the city where I live. I now have a lot of email addresses and phone numbers, and I’ve begun sending messages asking, “In addition to donating, how can I be of personal help?””

Let’s start right there – and we shall overcome. Happy Thanksgiving, my fiends.


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