Good morning my friends! It’s been too long since I posted a picture of something soul-feeding and lovely, something to make you smile, pay attention and reflect on.

I saw this tiny treasure on a short morning walk: he is blooming all alone, with all his neighbors long done with a joyful job of blooming. I have this lone pink constellation to behold and feed my sense of wonder.

And so it is with people. Sometimes we bloom all alone, in a seemingly unusual time of our lives, and when everyone around us is too busy just getting by. What does my not so original metaphor of blooming hide? It may mean being inspired to create and actually creating; it may mean falling and staying in love.

What does blooming mean to you?

Hello, my name is Maria Fafard and I am delighted to meet you! I read old books, travel to thin places, think about meaning of life and write about all of these things. I care about people, ideas, and books, believe in power of liberal arts, try to nurture creativity in others and myself, and strive to live a meaningful life; I blog at 

I believe that travel in the physical world is often a symbol for seeking in the realm of mind and spirit, and that wherever we are, countless gifts of joy and wonder are offered to us every day – but we have to be present enough to look up and accept them.

If you have enjoyed reading my blog posts, please follow me here on WordPress, on BeBee, on Instagram and on Twitter (@mariafafard). Thank you and I am looking forward to talking with you on your favorite platform!


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