Treasure Trove: My Top 3 Used Bookstores in DC 

I am Still Learning...

More often than I admit, I give myself a gift of a visit to a used book store or two. What a treasure trove of human mind and spirit they are! I happily get lost in them for hours and emerge exhausted and joyful, with a box full of books.

For me, buying books online, as convenient as it is, will never compare to experiencing the thrill of a hunt amongst endless bookshelves, stumbling upon unexpected treasures and discovering entire areas of knowledge new to me.

Here are my favorite used bookstores in DC area. In the future, I will continue to add to this list as well as include independent bookstores (such as Kramerbooks and Politics & Prose).


SecondStory Books
12160 Parklawn Dr, Rockville MD

This enormous book warehouse (or should I say book temple?) has one of the largest collections of used books in the world…

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