Sea Beagle

Postcards from Acadia Series


Janni the beagle is as tame, un-wild a dog as they come. His belly is round, his coat is shiny, and he is unmoved when rabbits and chipmunks play three feet in front of him. Recently, when he jumped out of the car, he was greeted by a skinny, lively squirrel gracefully crossing the little parking lot right in front Janni’s nose. He looked lazily, but decided against turning his head once the squirrel was out of his range of view. He is the most domesticated animal of all the four legged creatures to walk the planet. And yet, a surprising metamorphosis was awaiting him in Acadia.

When Janni first caught a glimpse of the ocean, he stopped in his tracks and his little black nose started moving vigorously. Once we came closer to the ocean and sat on the pink rocks, Janni obediently sat down with us. But he could not turn away from the ocean. Something or someone in the ocean was calling to Janni and he was hearing the distant call. He sat on the rocks quietly for a long while, attentively looking out into the crushing waves, listening intently to the seagulls cries, turning his head to the left so he could hear better.

Janni, what do you see there, in between the waves? I know you can’t tell me, but I can guess what’s going on in your little fast beating heart. It seems to me that my emotions at this very moment are very similar to yours: I am just a girl full of awe, I smell the salt in the air, I hear the angry cries of the seagulls, I see the eternity of water framed by pink rocks – and I feel freedom touching my soul.


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