A New Monday


It’s an early Monday morning. I am sitting by an old fountain, and the water is singing its ancient, eternal song to me. 

What will I do with a treasure of a new day God dropped into the palm of my hand? What will I create? Whom will I help? Whom will I bring a smile? What little joys will I notice along the day’s path? What new beauty will I discover? 

Who will show me a new way to loving kindness? Whom will I love and who will love me? Will I learn something new and bright about the world and the people? Will I learn a new way to be humble? Will I learn how God wants me to serve the world?

A new day is like a white iris in a long tight bud, waiting impatiently to unravel and take my breath away with its wild colors.

A new day is like a sun waiting to rise in the pink clouds of dawn.

A new day is like a child’s laughter I hear far away, so full of joy that I smile.

A new day is like a passage from the Bible that I’ve read a hundred times before. Today, as I read it again, suddenly a whole new universe of meaning opens up to me, and I am sitting here with tears in my eyes, heart overflowing with surprise, joy and gratitude.

A new day is like water. Water sings for me all the time, when the waves are coming onto the rocky beach, when I am pouring tea into a porcelain cup in a small kitchen, and when I am sitting on an edge of an old fountain on a Monday morning. But today is my chance to hear it for the first time.


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