Ask and It Will Be Given To You


“You need to figure out what it is that’s keeping you from worshiping in a church” – said my husband to be. For as long as I remembered, I would pray by myself – but I would not go to a church. I didn’t quite know why.

Once he said that, I started looking for a church with a newfound sense of urgency—but none of them felt right. And then my path led me to St. Aidan’s in Alexandria.

I came there for a Sunday night service. Two things jumped at me as soon as I came in. First, the preacher was a woman. And second, Elizabeth was wearing sneakers under her beautiful robe. And somehow, these things provided an immediate level of comfort to my little, scared soul. I was so used to praying alone. And all of a sudden here, in a little church in Alexandria – I wasn’t intimidated any more and easily and effortlessly found a way to be a part of a warm, welcoming and wonderful community. My life was changed forever as I learned that there was great joy in worshiping with others.

…I was baptized at St. Aidan’s a month later and then – confirmed to Episcopal church. And in September of last year I was married. At St. Aidan’s. By Elizabeth. To the man who told me: “You need to figure out…”


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